Thursday, October 21, 2010

'They're Banking On You Not Thinking'

More projection from a tired Democrat fossil.
Former President Bill Clinton singled out Karl Rove and the "secret committees" for causing a "crazy food fight" that’s confusing voters during a rally for Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley (D).

"They're banking on you not thinking," the former president said at the event on Federal Hill. "They're banking on some people being so mad that facts don’t matter."
Excuse my French, but what the fuck is he talking about?

Secret committees? Food fights?

Huh? Wait, it gets better. Or more banal, depending how you look at it.
The Republicans' "only hope," Clinton said, "is that on Election Day in 12 days, tomorrow's America, the America that showed up in 2008, will stay home. And yesterday's America will show up and people will be so mad, it won’t be like sports, we won't be thinking, the facts won't have nothing to do with it."
Dude need a blowjob quick. His synapses just aren't firing properly.
“This election is about whether you want to reverse all the things that we’ve done,” Clinton said. “Because there’s always a time lag between when you do the right thing and you feel better. We’re in the gap here. This election is occurring in the gap."
Again, what the fuck is he talking about?

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