Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lieberman Suggests Bombing Iran, Left Comes Unglued

The insane left hasn't quite come to grips still with Joe Lieberman defeating Nutroots candidate Ned Lamont last year, and today Lieberman said taking out Iran's nuke facilities is a course of action we should pursue if necessary.
The United States should launch military strikes against Iran if the government in Tehran does not stop supplying anti-American forces in Iraq, Sen. Joe Lieberman said Sunday on Face The Nation.

"I think we've got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq," Lieberman told Bob Schieffer. "And to me, that would include a strike into... over the border into Iran, where we have good evidence that they have a base at which they are training these people coming back into Iraq to kill our soldiers."

The Indepedent former Democrat from Connecticut said that he was not calling for an invasion of Iran, but he did say the U.S. should target specific training camps.
This is not sitting well with the inmates at Democratic Underground.
Lieberman can't pull his head out --- he's a war mongering idiot who can't see that his and BushCo's bullshit bravado simply creates new generations of hatred and anger towards America.

How dare you toy with starting another fucking immoral war Loserman? How dare you create a world less safe for my two teenagers?!

Talk about drinking every ounce of the kool-aid...he has gone fully over the deep end. He's nothing but another wingnut wacko.

Our votes in 08 will make him 100% irrelavant to his former party!
According to this genius, eliminating the nuclear program of a rogue nation make his kids less safe. I guess the possibility of being nuked creates a wholesome, safe environment. Read the comments that follow. They get right to the anti-Semitism.

Meanwhile, at Crooks and Liars, it's more of the neocon nonsense.
The Neocon cabal is alive and well inside the White House and supported by the Lieberman. It doesn’t matter that Joe has been wrong on everything dealing with the Iraq war and now possibly a new one…Our soldiers are too afraid to give him the truth in Iraq as we already know. Joe also hints that we’ll be threatened at home by Iran…
Some precious comments there as well.
You know what? I am disgusted with people of Connecticut for electing this bastard again. How dumb can they be? I hate you people of connecticut!
Andy | 06.10.07 - 1:03 pm | #

Gravatar I don't see the problem. He's just trying to protect his homeland, also known as Israel.

BTW, to the Dems in Connecticut who voted for the piece of shit, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Brawlin_Dem | 06.10.07 - 1:05 pm | #
More temper tantrums here and here.

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