Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Finale: Do Not Adjust Your Television

After all the buildup for the final Sopranos episode, the final scene went blank in mid-scene, leaving probably 99% of viewers wondering if their cable went out.

What's the deal with that? Leaving it open to our imaginations to figure what may have happened? Leaving the door ajar to perhaps return another time?

Anyway, Phil Leotardo was whacked and then his head was crushed under the wheels of an SUV; this coming after a sitdown between Phil's crew and Tony arranged by an oddly silent Little Carmine. FBI Agent Harris played a crucial role by tipping Tony to Phil's whereabouts and later rejoicing when he hears the news about his demise.

A.J. snapped out of his depression after his vehicle went up in flames, just as he was getting busy with Rhiannon. He decides to join the Army but is talked out of it by his parents and set up with a job on a film crew. Meanwhile, Meadow and Patrick Parisi appear headed for the altar, with Meadow likely landing a plum job at a high-profile law office.

So Tony, Carmela and A.J. are sitting in Holsten's in Bloomfield eating onion rings (the best in New Jersey, according to Tony) with mysterious characters milling about, as they wait on Meadow, who's having parking issues out on Broad Street (she should have parked behind Mastroianni's; it's a lot easier). Tony plays Journey's Don't Stop Believing, and you see a character who has been eyeballing the family get up and head to the bathroom, so you figure something is going down.

Then, a blank screen.

Go figure.

Naturally, most of my predictions went out the window, with the exception of an incoherent Uncle Junior in a state psych ward.

Captain Ed has more. Additional reaction here.

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