Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ron Paul Kook Sighting

Although the Ron Paul wave has washed over America, I somehow had managed to escape seeing an actual Paul acolyte here in my corner of New Jersey.

Probably something to do with the fact he's polling at or around 1% in most polls and nobody in their right mind is supporting the guy.

I'd figured the Paul nuts were likely disheveled, wild-eyed twenty-somethings, and sure enough, I had an encounter with one today.

As I'm driving along, a piece of junk vehicle passes me and I noticed he has spray-painted on his rear window. I guess a bumpersticker just doesn't have the same cache.

Sensing a prime opportunity for mischief, I pulled alongside at the next light and said "Ron Paul, eh?"

"Yeah, man, who are you for?" a scruffy greaseball replied. He appeared not to have groomed in some time, a likely result of sitting in his mother's basement spamming Internet polls.

Twirling my index finger beside my head indicating what I thought of Paul, I told him Ron Paul was insane, chuckled and proceeded.

Obviously agitated, at the next light he shouts "Do your research, man, twenty years in Congress!"

As I kept twirling my finger, he asked who I was for and I told him Rudy. This made him nuts, sending me the one-finger salute as he took off.

Alongside him in the passenger seat was an older woman, likely his mother. She appeared mortified. Poor woman probably has to put with a lot of this.

As I proceeded along, I had the windows up, but he rode alongside, still uttering his talking points or swearing at me. I couldn't tell because I had the windows up. This didn't faze him.

He was probably talking about the Constitution, man.

He clearly was itching for more dispassionate, reasoned discourse, but I'd had my fill and let him speed away.

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