Thursday, January 03, 2008

Said 'Could be Anywhere in the World'

Michael Nguyen, 17, holds a poster made from a photo on Sarah and Amina Said's MySpace page, during a vigil for the two sisters at Lewisville High School on Thursday. From left: Nguyen, Anysha Sadruddin, 18; Noel Truong, 18; and Justin Joseph, 14. The poster was made by Jacqueline Duong, 17, not pictured. (Star-Telegram/Laurie L. Ward)

The manhunt continues for Yaser Abdel Said and the latest report out of Dallas isn't that encouraging.

Let's just say I hope they've checked flight logs out of DFW for anything headed toward Cairo.

In the meantime, an unidentified cabbie who found Said's murdered daughters spoke with CBS11.
A man who found two North Texas sisters murdered in a taxi cab says that he first thought they were asleep. That man is talking exclusively to CBS 11 News.

Thursday was the first day back at class, since Christmas vacation, for Lewisville High School students. Amina and Sarah Said were well known at the school; Sarah was still a student there. Students, family and friends held a candlelight vigil for the sisters Thursday night.

The search continues for the girl's father, Yaser Abdel Said. The 50-year-old man, who is the prime suspect in the double homicide, has been charged with capital murder. Said is Egyptian and is rumored to have objected to his daughter's embracing American lifestyles and fashions.

Irving police say on Tuesday night Said left the bodies of his daughter's in a cab that he drove. Said then allegedly parked the vehicle in the 'taxi Q' of a Las Colinas hotel.

A fellow cabbie, who doesn't want to be identified, later thought the cab had car trouble and looked inside. "I knocked on the windows real hard, but no one wake up," he said.

The man told CBS 11 News that he thought the sisters were asleep, but then he noticed that one of the cab doors was only partly shut. "I opened the door and I saw the lady on the passenger side seat. The hand just fall down, it's not moving. I think she is dead," he told reporter Bud Gillett.
Clearly there's premeditation and there was some time between the killings and the discovery of the bodies, which leads investigators to believe he may well have fled the country.
Irving police say they are concentrating the search for Said locally. Officials say the man is armed and extremely dangerous, but admit that with the crime proximity to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport the Irving father could be anywhere in the world.
Meanwhile, students and teachers gather Thursday night for a tribute to the slain sisters.

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