Thursday, February 14, 2008

Horror in France: Sarko Wants to Remember the Holocaust

Not only does he want to honor French victims of the Holocaust, he has the temerity to suggest France remember their Christian faith.

Why, is this man crazy or something?
President Nicolas Sarkozy has triggered a row over religion by saying faith has a place in the public sphere and schoolchildren should study the 11,000 French Jewish child victims of the Holocaust.

Sarkozy has angered secularists with repeated praise for faith and references to France's Christian roots, and he told a French Jewish organization that the violence and wars of the 20th century were due to an "absence of God".
Why do these lefties get so angry when someone expresses their faith.

Perhaps they ought to attend anger management classes and seek to find the root cause for their anger.
Ten-year-old pupils "should know the name and life story of a child who died in the Holocaust", he told the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) on Wednesday.

He attracted criticism on Thursday from two camps -- secularists keen to keep religion out of public discourse and those worried that pupils could be traumatized by studying the Holocaust through child victims with whom they could identify.

"The president should not turn into a kind of preacher, as he is doing now," said left-wing Senator Jean-Luc Melenchon. Centrist deputy Francois Bayrou predicted "a clash between France's values and those of Nicolas Sarkozy".
What values are those? Capitulation? Collaboration? Laziness? Whining?

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