Thursday, August 14, 2008

Canada Boots Army Deserter

Time to hit the road, punk.
One of the first U.S. army deserters from Iraq to seek refugee status has been ordered deported in a decision that sends the message that the Conservative government isn't going to protect American soldiers who want to stay in Canada, immigration lawyers say.

Jeremy Hinzman, 29, deserted the army in 2004 after learning his unit was to be deployed to Iraq. He was handed the deportation order yesterday after a Citizenship and Immigration officer decided his application, filed under the preremoval risk assessment program, didn't qualify. The program evaluates the risk a claimant will face if he or she is to be sent back.

Outside the Canada Border Services Agency office where the order came down, Mr. Hinzman was stoic as he walked out with his son, Liam, and his wife, Nga Nguyen, who cradled their three-month-old Canadian-born daughter in her arms. After meeting with his lawyer to discuss whether they'll appeal the decision, he said he is resigned to going back to the United States. He joked that he'll miss the traditional Québécois fast food poutine, as well as "everybody that we've had the opportunity to meet."

"Life goes on," he said. "We're disappointed, but what can you do?"
Figures he enjoyed that disgusting poutine.

Now these cowardly deserters are all freaking out. Too bad.

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