Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Howard Dean Group Tries 'Swiftboating' McCain

For four years we've heard nonstop whining over John Kerry's fellow soldiers torpedoing his presidential candidacy.

Well, now a group headed by Howard Dean's brother is trying the same tactic.

The ad is a shortened version of an earlier Brave New PAC video quoting Butler at length that didn't have any money behind it.

As for the buy itself, it's a modest one. The spot is running on national cable today (and ran yesterday, too). It's funded by Brave New Films and Democracy For America, the independent group run by Jim Dean, who's Howard Dean's brother.

The ad is really a flare -- an effort to see if this controversial line of attack catches the attention of the national media.
Democracy for America is hardly an independent group, considering it was founded by Howard Dean himself.

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