Monday, March 08, 2010

Sure, Blame It All on Being Stabbed in the Back During a Three-Way

For a minute there I figured this was another story out of the Keys. Maybe it's just not weird enough.
A MAN who pleaded guilty to his 11th drive unlicensed charge believes his troubles began when he was stabbed in the back while having sex.

Peter Maxwell Riddle, 48, admitted to driving without a licence after cops caught him motoring along Palmerston's Temple Terrace in a purple ute on October 7.
A ute? What's a ute?
His driving was only a "last-minute" decision, defence lawyer Ambrith Abayasekara said, because Centrelink had demanded an immediate meeting.

He argued leniency for Riddle, saying his offending was sparked by a stabbing several years ago, which led to lengthy periods of unemployment.

Mr Abayasekara did not go into further details of the knifing.

NT Supreme Court documents reveal Riddle was stabbed in the back while he was having sex and trying to organise a three-way orgy in November 2003.

Riddle was having intercourse with a woman in a caravan in Stuart Park, when he invited 19-year-old Terri Lee-Anne Roebuck - who was watching - to join in.

She then stabbed him in the back with a kitchen knife. Riddle paused in his sexual activity and noticed the knife sticking out of his back.

The sentencing remarks noted that Riddle, while he was trying to get the knife out of his back, "noticed ... that the female with whom he'd been having intercourse had left".

Riddle last week pleaded guilty to his latest drive unlicensed charge in front of magistrate Daynor Trigg.

Mr Trigg was heard to remark the man's file was so long it was too big to be stapled. He called for a clip.

"(He's) got 10 priors for driving unlicensed in the Northern Territory from 2002 through November 2008," Mr Trigg said.

"He has multiple other driving matters, drink drivings, and an older history with lots of dishonesties, and some drug matters in his older past."
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