Monday, April 12, 2010

NJEA Refuses to Fire Christie 'Death Wish' Thug

Must be great having protection of the teacher's unions. You can wish for the death of the governor of your state and get to keep your cushy job, paid for by the taxpayers, naturally. Now just imagine a student had wished death upon a union teacher. You think a mere apology would suffice in such a case? Hell, no.
The first face-to-face meeting between Gov. Chris Christie and the president of the state's powerful teachers' union ended in acrimony today, despite the union's apology for a controversial memo alluding to the governor's death.

Christie and Barbara Keshishian, head of the 200,000-member New Jersey Education Association, met for about 15 minutes in the governor's office, where he accepted her apology for the memo sent by union officials in Bergen County last week, Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak said. But Keshishian would not agree to fire Joe Coppola, the president of the Bergen County Education Association who signed the memo, and ended the meeting, Drewniak said.

"The governor expressed that had anybody in this governor's office, on this staff, ever done anything like that, they would be shown the door immediately, and he detected obviously a double standard in that," Drewniak said, adding there was little substantive discussion of the governor's proposed $820 million aid cut to school districts, or Christie's call for teachers to take a wage freeze.

"I just don't see how citizens should want to support a budget where their teachers have not wanted to be part of the shared sacrifice," Christie said at a Princeton news conference highlighting business development incentives.

"If the NJEA can't as an organization accept that this was egregious conduct and take disciplinary action, I don't know how we could move forward without that happening."
These unions are really pushing it. They don't seem to realize how unpopular they are and how fed up taxpayers are with them. Plus their refusal to bargain in good faith with the state facing crushing debt just shows what a bunch of spoiled layabouts they are.

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