Friday, June 11, 2010

More Grim News for Polar Bears

None of this would've happened if Al Gore was still alive. Or married. Whatever. But I saw it coming a couple of years ago. We're so overrun with polar bears it may be time to thin the herd.
A joint commission is recommending lifting the ban on harvesting polar bears for traditional and cultural purposes in Russia.

The U.S.-Russia Polar Bear Commission met this week in Anchorage to determine the potential for a coordinated and sustainable subsistence harvest of polar bears by Native peoples of Alaska and Chukotka in Russia. The commission determined that the harvest should be limited to up to 58 polar bears a year, with no more than 19 being females.

The move will end a 50-year ban on the Russian side. However, it is expected to improve monitoring and decrease poaching in that country.

In Alaska, a team will develop implementation procedures to be presented at the next meeting of the commission in June 2011.

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