Thursday, August 05, 2010

Retail Sales Down, CNBC Blames the Weather

July retails sales numbers are coming out and they are disappointing, to say the least. In the ongoing effort by the lamestream media to whore for the Obama Administration and the socialist polices of the Democrats, they are ... wait for it ... blaming the hot weather as a contributing factor.
With few exceptions, retailers reported weak sales for the month of July, as consumers continue to rein in spending amid an uncertain employment outlook and continuing fears that the economic recovery is slowing.

Although there were some standout results, the poor performance was most pronounced among teen retailers.

July traditionally kicks off the back-to-school shopping season, which is the second busiest shopping time of the year behind the Christmas holidays. Parents appear to be procrastinating, holding off purchases until sales hit later in the summer.

Also, with teen unemployment still high, many teenagers don't have extra money to spend on clothing.

Retailers reported that shoppers headed to the malls, but most made purchases

Hot weather may have also made shoppers less interested in buying fall clothing.
Hot weather?!? You'd think this was the first time ever it hit 100 degrees on the east coast in the summer. I can tell you from growing up in Chicago that we had hot weather there when I was a kid. My gosh, it was just a few months ago the media and Obama hacks were blaming the poor economic numbers on the harshly cold weather and snow storms of this past winter. Which way is it? This assumes that weather was perfect just a few years ago, like when the Democrats took over Congress and unemployment was 4.7% with the Dow at about 14,000 and rising.

The cold, hard reality is that the socialist/Marxist policies of this
administration are poison to economic growth. The media has so sold their souls to shilling for the left that they can't bring themselves to admit to the reality of a failing socialist government in the Obama Administration. I notice that lately Obama has done interviews with supportive far left "journalists" trying to mock the idea that he is a socialist, and the supposed "journalist" just smirks. Heaven forbid they point out the resounding failures of this administration and put the President on the spot about it.

Of course, when you have the likes of a Bob Shieffer trying to claim that they did not know about the New Black Panther fiasco because they were on vacation (as if he does not have a staff) it's to the point of outright laughter.

No, retail sales are down cause unemployment is staying very high and the average consumer is scared to death of losing their job (if they have one) and are buying only essentials and then when they're on sale.

You know, when I was in college studying economics I focused on the Great Depression Era and always wondered what it was like to live through that. Now I'm finding out first hand in real time.

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