Thursday, December 09, 2010

Great News: Iranians Building Fleet of Suicide Speedboats

Let's face it. These Islamist nutcases pretty much got away with the Cole bombing, and that was a lone incident. Imagine having hundreds if not thousands of vessels packed with bombs? I wouldn't put it past these madmen.
A FLEET of suicide ships is being built by crackpot naval commanders in Iran.

More than 9,000 speedboats have been made with deadly explosives engineered into their hulls.

The vessels - to patrol the Persian Gulf where UK forces operate - will be piloted by extremist "martyrs".

They can be rammed into the side of "enemy" ships and each carries enough explosives to rip a seven-metre hole in a boat's keel.

Around 30,000 kamikaze captains are being trained to steer the ships, a source claimed.

There are plans to build 15,000 of the six-metre vessels. Their C4 explosives go off when rammed into larger ships.

An Iranian defector asked to design the crafts revealed the secret plot after fleeing the country - led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The ex-military engineer, said: "They wanted me to help build a vast fleet of suicide boats. It's shocking. That amount of explosives is deadly. I love Iran and that's why I'm revealing this. No one in Iran wants a war."
Curiously, this incident the other day didn't receive much notice.
The White House issued a stern warning to Tehran today after Iranian speedboats buzzed three US navy ships passing through the strategic Strait of Hormuz and reportedly threatened to blow them up.

A Pentagon official said that US forces were "literally" on the verge of firing on the Iranian boats and had moved to man their guns when the Iranians turned and sped away. No shots were fired in the incident yesterday morning in one of the world's key shipping routes for crude oil.

"We urge the Iranians to refrain from such provocative actions that could lead to a dangerous incident in the future," said Gordon Johnson, spokesman for the White House's National Security Council, in a terse statement.

Details of the incident remain unclear, but the skipper of one of the five Iranians speedboats reportedly said in a radio transmission: "I’m coming at you and you will blow up in a couple of minutes."

"It is the most serious provocation of this sort that we’ve seen yet," a Pentagon official said.
Our media is more focused on raising our taxes, which probably accounts for the lack of coverage.

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