Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Predictable: Liberal 'Advocacy Group' Hits Issa With Ethics Complaint

This is what happens when someone asks uncomfortable questions of the White House. The smear campaigns begin.
A liberal advocacy group is filing an ethics complaint against Rep. Darrell Issa, alleging that the California Republican has repeatedly used his public office for personal gain.

The group, American Family Voices, is planning to file the complaint with the House Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) on Tuesday.

The five-page complaint, which was obtained by The Hill, accuses Issa of using his position as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to add to his multimillion-dollar fortune.

An Issa spokesman on Monday said the allegations have absolutely no merit and are part of a smear campaign spearheaded by the White House.

The complaint alleges that Issa pressured the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to halt an investigation of Goldman Sachs shortly after he bought a huge stake in one of Goldman’s high-yield mutual funds.

It also claims Issa used his authority to improperly defend Merrill Lynch, a firm with “which he has a significant financial interest,” the document states.

“In fact and in appearance, Rep. Issa has repeatedly — and impermissibly — used his public position to promote his private financial interests,” Mike Lux, president of American Family Voices, wrote in a letter to former Reps. Porter Goss (R-Fla.) and David Skaggs (D-Colo.), co-chairmen of the OCE.

A spokesman for Issa said the complaint is part of an effort orchestrated by the White House to discredit its critics.

“This complaint is entirely without merit. The White House has used an assortment of outside progressive groups in an effort to attack Oversight and Chairman Issa directly. This is just their latest salvo in an ongoing effort to obstruct oversight,” said Frederick Hill, Issa’s spokesman.
To no surprise, they're using the discredited New York Times story for their charges.
Lux cites a 3,080-word investigative report published in The New York Times on Aug. 15 and reporting by, a liberal media outlet.
Issa's obviously getting too close to the White House in the Gun Walker investigation. Just watch: This bogus complaint will get more news focus than Gun Walker.

Not mentioned in the story is this Mike Lux character was a member of the Obama transition team.

Update: It should comes as little surprise that Lux writes for the far-left cesspool Crooks and Liars. Here's his byline in a piece attacking -- wait for it -- Darrell Issa! Just the other days he slobbered all over Obama at the Huffington Post. And he's also a Kos Kid!


  1. Richard Butler10:46 AM

    Crooks and Liars is a despicable website. And the complaint against Issa is just a coincidence - right?

  2. This is exactly the pattern liberals used against Sarah Palin. None of the charges were valid, but they forced her to defend against them at her own expense.


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