Monday, July 09, 2007

Fear Not, It's For Peaceful Purposes...

As we've been repeatedly told, "climate change" is the "gravest" crisis facing mankind, so today we report that some frantic digging around a nuclear plant in Iran is strictly for peaceful purposes, as those madcap Iranians are simply looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

They mean us no harm, and we shall not question thier motives. Why? Becasue the left says so. So what if they plan to nuke us? It's all Bush's fault anyway.

See, turning a blind eye to ugly reality is so easy. Maybe I should become a Democrat. Then I can ignore the real world, spout cliches, and feel better about myself knowing that I care.

Tunneling Near Iranian Nuclear Site Stirs Worry
The sudden flurry of digging seen in recent satellite photos of a mountainside in central Iran might have passed for ordinary road tunneling. But the site is the back yard of Iran's most ambitious and controversial nuclear facility, leading U.S. officials and independent experts to reach another conclusion: It appears to be the start of a major tunnel complex inside the mountain.

The question is, why? Worries have been stoked by the presence nearby of fortified buildings where uranium is being processed. Those structures in turn are now being connected by roads to Iran's nuclear site at Natanz, where the country recently started production of enriched uranium in defiance of international protests.

As a result, photos of the site are being studied by governments, intelligence agencies and nuclear experts, all asking the same question: Is Iran attempting to thwart future military strikes against its nuclear facility by placing key parts of it in underground bunkers?
Maybe we should just listen to the armchair generals at the New York Times and flee Iraq as soon as possible. Then the Iranians would join hands with us in a peaceful chorus of Kumbaya.

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