Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Governor Steamroller Lawyers Up?

I often get the feeling lately the New York Post's Fred Dicker is trying to provoke an outburst from Eliot Spitzer. Democrats aren't used to such scrutiny in these parts, and what with his notorious temper, Spitzer's bound to blow pretty soon.

It should be most amusing.
ALBANY - Gov. Spitzer is stonewalling questions on whether he's hired a criminal defense lawyer to help him prepare to testify before a state commission and, possibly, an Albany grand jury on the Dirty Tricks Scandal.

Spitzer's communications director, Christine Anderson, asked for three days by The Post if the governor has hired his own lawyer, refused to say, insisting, "We are not commenting on the ongoing investigation."

Sources familiar with what are now four scandal probes told The Post that they believe Spitzer and several of his top aides have hired private counsels to deal with the Public Integrity Commission. The commission's extensive probe is expected to include testimony from the governor and Albany District Attorney David Soares.

"With the DA getting back involved, they all need lawyers, including the governor," said a source close to the Spitzer administration.
Maybe we can call him Governor Stonewall.

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UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds links. Thanks!

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