Monday, December 03, 2007

Cantwell Aide in Kiddie Sex Bust

Looks like one James McHaney, an aide to Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), has a thing for prepubescent boys.
A U.S. Senate aide was arrested Friday after allegedly arranging a lunchtime sexual encounter with a teenage boy, according to federal court records. James McHaney, 28, was nabbed by FBI agents after he arranged the afternoon liaison via a "cooperating witness" working with investigators. According to the below felony complaint and an accompanying statement of facts filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., the CW and McHaney were conversing online Friday afternoon when the CW asked whether McHaney was interested in engaging in anal sex with a 13-year-old boy. "I'll be there," McHaney allegedly replied. He later asked for a photo of the child with whom he and the CW would have sex and whether the boy had "any pubes." When told no, McHaney allegedly replied, "That's hot." McHaney was nabbed in the lobby of an unnamed "predetermined location," where he had arranged to meet CW. Until his arrest Friday, McHaney had worked as the D.C. scheduler for Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell. A caller to Cantwell's office was told late today that, as of last Friday, McHaney no longer worked for the Washington state politician.
H/T: Thanos.

I wonder if he knows Larry Craig?

UPDATE: Also at Hot Air.

UPDATE II: You have to love this headline:

Ex-aide to Cantwell arrested in sex sting

Uh, yes, he's now an ex-aide. But he wasn't when he was busted.
WASHINGTON (AP) - A former aide to Washington Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell is in federal custody after being arrested on a charge of sexually exploiting a minor.

James Michael McHaney was arrested by FBI agents after he was accused of trying to set up a meeting with an undercover witness posing online as a teenaged boy.

Until his arrest on Friday, McHaney was a scheduler for Cantwell
. He appeared in federal court on Saturday.
More now at RedState. The Kos Kidz, meanwhile, take the high road.

Cantwell Aide Arrested for Acting Like a Republican
Unfortunately, he was one of ours...
Translation: We could care less about kids getting molested, so long as it's a Republican.

UPDATE III: More from The Politico.
Update - Cantwell's chief of staff, Michael Meehan, just released the following statement on McHaney's arrest: "Late Friday afternoon the FBI informed our office that a Senate employee was arrested. The employee was immediately fired. Our office has and will continue to fully cooperate with the ongoing federal criminal investigation. Senator Cantwell has zero tolerance for crimes against children."

McHaney was at work when the online conversation with the FBI's CW took place, meaning Cantwell's office may be asked to turn over any e-mails or other records related to McHaney, if he was using Senate computers or phones to conduct his allegedly illegal activity.
More also at Wizbang.

UPDATE IV: Glenn Reynolds, Right Voices and Blue Crab Boulevard link. Thanks!

Meanwhile, The Seattle Times notes his previous employment history.
Before joining Cantwell's office, McHaney worked for the 2004 John Kerry presidential campaign and before that as an aide to former U.S. Rep. Dick Gephardt, D-Ohio.
He was Kerry's travel coordinator in 2004.

UPDATE V: KOMO TV conveniently changed their headline after being ridiculed. Now it no longer reads Ex-aide to Cantwell arrested in sex sting; now it's been changed to Cantwell aide arrested in sex sting; quickly fired.

Some on the left have been making the ridiculous claim that people are rushing to judgment on this case. Doesn't it appear the Cantwell people rushed to fire him? They obviously know something.

UPDATE VI: NewsBusters links. Thanks!

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