Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obama to Kwame: Uh, Could You Like, Go Away or Something?

Translation: Don't make me go all medieval on your ass and throw you under that bus. Besides, you're so damn big I might have to get another bus.
If Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick decides to go to the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 10 days, he would be a distraction from the historic nomination of Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive nominee’s campaign said today.

But Obama staffers wouldn’t go as far as saying Kilpatrick shouldn’t make the trip to Denver.

The convention should be about the economic problems facing the nation overall and Michigan specifically, Brent Colburn, Obama’s Michigan campaign spokesman said.

“Many Michigan families are struggling as a result of the failed policies and old politics that John McCain wants to continue. The focus of our convention to people back here in Michigan should be on Barack Obama and how the party intends to get America back on track, not a distraction involving the troubles of one individual,” Colburn said in a statement released this afternoon.
That one individual who Obama once called great.

May not matter now, since the thug mayor had his ankle bracelet ordered back on.

Oh, and Jennifer Granholm won't be issuing a pardon to the Obama superdelegate.

In the spirit of bipartisanship and fairness, may I offer a solution? Perhaps by day, Kwame could help maintain order here under house arrest and be allowed a furlough to attend the Obama coronation in the evenings.

Well, with one criminal down today, I wonder how long the invitation to convict Don Siegelman will last. Then again, Siegelman serves a higher purpose: to bash Bush.

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