Friday, April 03, 2009

'We Probably Have the Worst Tragedy and Senseless Crime In the History of This State'

Not to diminish what happened in Binghamton today, but this could well rank as the dumbest statement ever by a politician.
And now here in Binghamton we probably have the worst tragedy and senseless crime in the history of this state. When are we going to be able to curb the kind of violence that is so fraught and so rapid that we can’t even keep track of the incidents?
There have been bus crashes that have claimed more lives and countless other tragic events of greater magnitude that this.

Oh yes, and then there was 9/11.

But I guess this is just another crisis for Democrats to take advantage of. No doubt another assault against the Second Amendment is coming.

Via Hot Air.

Update: Malcolm corrected his original piece to note Paterson said city and not state. Geez, guy, there's a bit of a difference.

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