Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fetid Seacow to Get Free Surgery on Taxpayer Dime

Would it be out of order to hope for an accident on the surgery table for this malodorous traitor? First of all, she should be executed for her treasonous behavior. And second, if she really needs surgery, let those miserable hippie scum supporters of her pay for it.
Even a conviction for aiding terrorism has its upside -- free health care behind bars.

Disbarred civil-rights lawyer Lynne Stewart could undergo surgery on the taxpayers' dime while she awaits re-sentencing for helping imprisoned "blind sheik" Omar Abdel-Rahman exchange messages with his militant followers.

Stewart's attorney said in court this morning that she would likely go under the knife in two weeks to correct what the 70-year-old granny has called a female "plumbing problem."

An overflow crowd of graying leftists -- some wearing oversize, homemade buttons and T-shirts saying "Peace with Iran" -- greeted Stewart with applause when she entered Manhattan federal court in the custody of U.S. Marshals.
Some nitwit supporters are trolling the comments for the story with sob story pleas for this witch.
The NY Post deliberately used the most unattractive photo of Lynne they could find. By contrast, The New York Times always uses pictures of Lynne that are very flattering. Lynne is a sweet old grandmother whose grandchildren adore her. You should be so lucky as to have a grandmother as nice as Lynne, who would go to bat for you when everybody else turned their back against you. Society needs people like Lynne Stewart to stand up for the poor, the oppressed, and the despised. All she did was make a lousy phone call to a Reuters reporter. Come on, get real. She was railroaded.
Boo fucking hoo. Right, like this cow could take a flattering picture.

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