Friday, January 01, 2010

David Broder Mistakes January 1 for April 1, Promotes Janet Napolitano for Higher Office

I can't figure out when exactly David Broder decided to try his hand at comedy, but he surely does have a gift. Today the "dean" of the Washington press corps comes up with a howler, a satirical tour de farce as he authors the puffiest of puff pieces extolling the calm, mannered leadership of Janet Napolitano. Seriously. I'm thinking Broder starting drinking heavily very early on New Year's Eve.
The Obama Cabinet is filled with talents, but many of the stars are of an age or temperament unlikely to turn them into successor candidates. Napolitano will face many substantive tests -- not just in dealing with terrorism but in playing an important role in immigration reform -- before she is a candidate for anything. But her potential is almost unlimited.
Broder may be even more out of touch with reality than the man who for some strange reason employs Napolitano.

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