Tuesday, May 04, 2010

He's One of Them: Terrorist Suffered From Acute Bush Derangement Syndrome

Congratulalations, libs, he's one of yours. Embrace him.
A real estate broker says the Times Square bombing suspect told him years ago he disliked President George W. Bush and the Iraq war.

Igor Djuric represented Faisal Shahzad when he was buying a home in 2004. Djuric says he could not remember the exact words but said Shahzad made clear he didn't like Bush or his policy in Iraq. He says the comments were not hateful, but he was surprised to hear them because they hardly knew each other.
The loeft is like that. Their raging BDS was so strong for years they blurted out their antipathy to anyone who'd listen. Anyway, I know you libs are so upset Shahzad's not one of those dreaded teabaggers, but hey, keep your hopes up. There'll always be another terror attack when you can open the door into your faces again prematurely and wind up looking like complete idiots.

How do I know there'll be another terror attack? Look who's in the White House. The maniacs can smell the weakness.

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