Monday, May 10, 2010

New Pat Toomey Ad: 'Had Enough'?

Toomey Generations from Pat Toomey on Vimeo.

As in had enough of Barack Obama and runaway government spending? Pat Toomey doesn't name Obama--why bother?--but the message is crystal clear. Considering backstabbing hack Arlen Specter is in a death match with Joe Sestak, Toomey gets a nice head start on the general election.
Pat Toomey, who looks to be well on his way to capturing the Republican nomination for the Senate in Pennsylvania, is plugging himself as a job creator in his first television advertisement of the campaign.

The spot also decries some of the recent policies to come out of Washington and talks up Mr. Toomey – who formerly headed the antitax Club for Growth – as someone who has “taken on both parties when they waste tax dollars.”

“Trillion dollar bailouts and deficits, government-run health care, record unemployment. Had enough?” asks the advertisement.
Some Democrat spokesthing flaps his gums using the same tired playbook. They'll still be reciting the same drivel after this fall's avalanche buries them.
“If elected, Pat Toomey would do even more to protect the big banks, Wall Street, the oil companies and the insurance companies – all at the expense of Pennsylvania’s middle class,” Eric Schultz, a D.S.C.C. spokesman, said in a statement.
Schultz apparently must sufer from amnesia and not realize his president was the top recipient of both Goldman Sachs and BP money in the 2008 cycle.

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