Thursday, July 07, 2011

Before Atlanta There Was Newark, NJ

Before coming to Atlanta to be the superintendent of schools, Beverly Hall was the superintendent of schools in Newark, New Jersey, where, surprise, surprise, allegations of intimidation and coercion were also made against her.
However, I must warn you to be prepared for Hall to say she did not know that such conditions existed. I must warn you to be prepared to be called a liar. I must warn you that you will probably be put into a room and escorted everywhere you go by a security guard until you see the errors of your ways. This is what happened to Mr. Embrey, former Principal of West Side High School now under house arrest, when he was brave enough to speak out for the children.
As for parental involvement which Dr. Hall cites as being important to her, here is what one parent had to say at that meeting in New Jersey.
Allegedly, Hall has since attempted to deny parents their 1st Amendment rights by sending investigators to the homes of parents who speak out at Advisory Board meetings.
This report from 1997 also contains allegations of mismanagement and misuse of funds, cronyism and the picture of a woman who ruled with an iron fist and would tolerate no insubordination in the ranks while painting only a rosy picture of the system she was in charge of.

Something she continued when she relocated to Atlanta in 1999. So if you want to read yet another damming report on this All Star of Academia go ahead and click on the link.


uncledan said...

Like all Liberals and Obama-types, they never go away when caught, they just scatter and start a new nest of incompetence and failure somewhere else.

roux said...

This is what they do.... go from place to place and eff it up each time but the next victim never thinks to call their previous employer.

Toejam said...

Betcha she voted for Obummer and his Socialist pals.

Mike Florey said...

For those of you who thought liberal fascism doesn't exist. For those of you who thought public education was about learning. And for those of us who realize public schools are now socialist re-eduction camps administered by corrupt minor bureacrats.