Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carpe Per Diem

Meet William Boyland Jr., a man who clearly looks like he could use some exercise, not to mention a lot of sleep. Normally you might have heard of Boyland, considering he's a five-term member of the New York State Assembly. Apparently, however, Boyland's much too exhausted to show up for his job on a regular basis.
Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. made serving in the Legislature a no-show job this year, the Daily News has learned.

Boyland, who pleaded not guilty in April to federal charges that he did political favors for Brookdale University Hospital in exchange for a consulting gig, skipped 20 of the Assembly's 60 sessions this year, attendance records show.

Boyland (D-Brownsville), also was the only lawmaker in either the Senate or Assembly who did not introduce a single bill.
So essentially he skipped out on a third of a meager 60 sessions. What, is he busy with his criminal case or something? Still, that didn't prevent this slug from collecting on the perks of his office.
The absences and lack of bill production did not stop Boyland from collecting $11,845 in per diems for more than 70 days that he claimed to be in Albany, the state controller's office said.

Lawmakers get $165 for each day spent in Albany on top of their $79,500 salary.
Not to play dumb or anything, but shouldn't there be a law against such behavior?
"I'm not surprised," a fellow Democratic Assembly member groused about Boyland. "He never seemed to be invested in anything. I've never even heard him talk."

Boyland, who is serving his fifth term in the Assembly, did not return a telephone call seeking comment Monday.


http://sablegsd.myopenid.com/ said...

Whoa, he looks like a mentally challanged, mouth breathing neanderthal.  I shudder to think about the mental acuity of his constituents.

laZrtx said...

Fifth Term??Who's the meatheadnow?

Reaganite Republican said...

Wasn't "Boyland" the name of one of Michael Jackson's vacation homes?