Saturday, July 02, 2011

Enjoy The Fourth With Lt. Dan

I had to lift this video from Big Hollywood about Gary Sinise and his Lt Dan Band. Gary has worked tirelessly on behalf of our service members raising funds, giving concerts and visiting the wounded. He doesn't do it for the attention, he does it out of conviction.

The full movie is going to be released on the Fourth of July online only. It will be available here with a portions of the proceeds going to his foundation which the military and their families.

During my time in service we didn't get a lot of USO shows. I remember one in Seoul, South Korea with Tanya Tucker. For about 90 minutes I was able to forget that just 30 miles away was about 4 zillion fanatical fighters led by an insane leader who could come charging across that border on a moments notice.

The other person I remember is Charlie Daniels, who really is a giant of a man. He stopped by the little outpost I was on and went to the gym and just hung out. No concert, no entourage, just a big man with an even bigger heart hanging out with the guys signing autographs, posing for photos and answering questions.

This 4th of July weekend let's all take a few minutes to remember that this is the day that a group of men with their own convictions pledged their lives and fortunes that this country may be born. A country that has been protected for 235 years by the men and women who have worn the uniform of this country.

Here's hoping Mr Sinise continues doing what he does.


roylofquist said...

In 1962 I was stationed in Sinop, Turkey on the Black Sea. It was 8 hours in a deuce and a half from Ankara. Lesser vehicles couldn't hack the roads. The tour was 11 months, shortest in the Army. No leave, no passes - nowhere to go. The highlight of my tour was a small USO troupe. Most of the acts were just plain bad. Six shows over 2 days, SRO. Pretty good considering there were only enough of us to fill the place twice. We talked about it for months. God bless them.

Inge Crutchfield said...

This is a man who truly loves the troops, and one can sense it just watching, how the troops love him back, knowing he genuinly cares for them!