Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'I Want to Put a Shot Across Obama's Bow'

Ed Koch might want to watch his language. Quivering Democrats may soon accuse him of using incendiary rhetoric to threaten our Dear Leader.
In "a shot across President Obama's bow," Democratic former Mayor Ed Koch yesterday urged voters in Queens and Brooklyn to make "history" by voting for the Republican candidate to replace randy ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner in the Sept. 13 special election -- as a protest against the White House's policy on Israel.

Koch -- a staunch ally of Israel -- said he would "vote for Bob Turner" if the Republican-Conservative candidate backs Israel and opposes cutbacks to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
Well, opposing cutbacks to those wasteful programs won't exactly endear him to Republicans, although they're a rare species in that district anyway. Plus, in all likelihood, were Turner to pull off the upset his stay in Congress may not last long due to redistricting. But hey, anything that causes friction with Democrats is fine with us.
"If Jewish New Yorkers and others who support Israel were to turn away from the Democratic Party in that congressional election and elect the Republican candidate to Congress in 2011, it might very well cause President Obama to change his hostile position on the state of Israel and to re-establish the special relationship presidents before him had supported," Koch said in his weekly commentary.

Koch likened the situation to Republican Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts Senate seat long occupied by Ted Kennedy.

"I want to put a shot across Obama's bow," Koch said in an interview.

He is furious with Obama over the president's public push to get Israel to use its 1967 borders as a starting point for negotiations over a Palestinian state.

Koch also said he's upset with Obama for considering trimming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to get a deficit/debt reduction agreement with the GOP.

Koch's comments are an early headache for Assemblyman David Weprin, the Democratic candidate handpicked to replace Weiner, who resigned in disgrace amid a sexting scandal.

As expected, Weprin yesterday received the endorsement of the union-backed Working Families Party. He got the backing of the Independence Party over the weekend.

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Gotham Revolutionary said...

He'd better not oppose cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. We can't cut spending in the long term without reforming those programs. http://tinyurl.com/5tets2u