Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Latest Media Scandal: Nipplegate

A couple of observations we had watching some of the Women's World Cup game the other day was that goalkeeper Hope Solo made some really dramatic saves. That and we said, "Damn, she's pretty hot!" Yes, that's how we cavemen think.

So leave it to the boys at Deadspin to keep a sharp eye on Solo. They were tipped to a little airbrushing by ESPN, now erupting into Nipplegate.
Hope Solo, BAMF and nascent sex symbol, shared an ebullient moment with Abby Wambach after yesterday's game. With the match's two heroes and an American flag, it's no wonder the image ended up splashed across the internet. A Reddit user noticed the photo on the front page of ESPN.com last night, and compared it with the original version, taken for and distributed by Getty Images. One thing's missing from the ESPN version: Solo's glasscutter.
Head over there to watch the flashing animation.

Not quite Rathergate when it comes to be being scandalous. Still, it's not as if Solo isn't selling her sexuality. Just saying.

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