Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scandal! Marco Rubio's Brother-in-Law Was 1980s Drug Dealer

Obviously as a high school kid he should have known what was going on or something. I'm surprised Democrats haven't unearthed such bombshell news before now.
Senator Marco Rubio has provided generous details about his family, expressing time and again during his successful 2009 U.S. senate campaign that he was proud of his parents’ efforts to build a better future for their four children in this country.

But there is one family episode that the Senator does not want to talk about. Univision Investiga has learned that in 1987, Rubio’s older sister Barbara was caught up in the year’s most significant antinarcotics operation in South Florida.

According to public records, federal prosecutors in Miami ordered the seizure of the home where Barbara Rubio lived with her husband Orlando Cicilia. Prosecutors suspected the home was being used for activities that violated drug laws. Another property owned by the couple, located in what today is an office building, was also subject to seizure for the same reason.

Barbara Rubio was not arrested or indicted. Cicilia was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana belonging to a crime ring implicated in the death and dismemberment of a federal informant, as well as the bribing of several Miami police officers.

At the time, Marco Rubio, just 16 years old, was a student at South Miami High.

Univision asked the Senator how this epsiode affected his family and what type of relationship he had with his convicted brother-in-law. Rubio’s spokespershttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifon, who did not deny any of the information uncovered by Univision Investiga, said he considered the issue a private family matter.

“Quite simply, the pursuit of this story and the targeting of the Senator’s relatives, who are private citizens, is outrageous,” said Alex Burgos in a letter to Univision CEO Randy Falco seeking to kill the story. “They do not hold public office and are unrelated in every way to his service in the United States Senate."
We have an admitted cocaine user in the White House, but apparently Republicans are held to a much higher standard.

What's worse, Rubio not mentioning this story to the media, or fabricating details and exploiting you own mother's death for political gain?

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daveinboca said...

The Demonrats are scared sh*tless of Rubio and know if he's the VP to perhaps a female candidate, their flatulent backsides are toast...!    Leave to the slimeballs in Mexico to point fingers at a Cuban----for drug trafficking!!!   Will the ironies ever get larger than this?