Monday, May 21, 2007

Scant Senate Support for Illegals Bill (UPDATE)

What little support exists for the amnesty bill seems to be evaporating quickly under an avalanche of negative public opinion now that particulars have been released and disseminated.

This turkey has to be squashed pronto, especially if Republicans want to maintain any support in the base.
Fewer than 20 senators are publicly committed to supporting the immigration deal that hits the Senate floor today while nearly 40 are already opposed or have serious concerns, underscoring how difficult it will be for President Bush and his allies to craft a coalition that can pass the bill.

A Washington Times survey of Senate offices and public comments after the deal was announced Thursday found an additional 32 senators who said they cannot even take a position yet -- a result of the fact that the deal was written in secret by a dozen senators and the Bush administration, wasn't even finalized until yesterday and still hasn't reached many Senate offices.

"I did not agree to any immigration deal and was not part of the negotiations," said Sen. Jim Bunning, Kentucky Republican and a likely opponent. "From what I have heard about the bill, it gives amnesty to the estimated 12.5 million illegal immigrants in this country."
Those opposing are listed here.

Reaction from NZ Bear, John Fund, Betsy Newmark, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Don Surber, La Shawn Barber.

UPDATE: Afternoon blog roundup at Fishwrap.
Seldom has the conservative blogosphere been as active on a single issue as it is about the Senate immigration bill, which is due for its first vote today. Lots of bloggers are linking to today's Stephen Dinan/S.A. Miller article -- discuss it at our "Insider" blog, which also links to the full text of the bill -- and other bloggers are linking to our "Immigration debacle" editorial.
Also see Kris W. Kobach with Rewarding Lawbreakers.

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