Friday, February 01, 2008

Can They Be Any More Depraved?

Clearly, we all know what monsters these Al Qaeda types are.

But even their most strident supporters may recoil at this horrific story.

They are just not human.

Al Qaeda use two 'Down's syndrome' women to blow up 73 people in Baghdad markets
Two women who reportedly had Down's syndrome may have been unwilling suicide bombers in twin blasts that killed up to 73 people at pet markets in Baghdad today.

A female bomber killed 45 people at a packed pet market in Baghdad this, police said, in the deadliest attack in the Iraqi capital in six months.

A separate bombing shortly after killed 20 people and wounded scores at a bird market in southern Baghdad, police said. The death toll from the two bombings increased throughout the day to at least 73.

The chief Iraqi military spokesman in Baghdad, Brigadier General Qassim al-Moussawi, claimed the female bombers apparently had Down's syndrome and the explosives were detonated by remote control, indicating the women may not have been willing attackers, according to his office.

Bolstering that claim, local police said the woman in the first attack sold cream in the morning at the market and was known to locals as "the crazy lady".

Police initially said the bomb at al-Ghazil market was hidden in a box of birds but determined it was a suicide attack after finding the woman's head, an officer said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorised to release the information.
Michael Moore was unavailable for comment.

Reuters conveniently overlooks the fact these women had Down's and uses the occasion to bash U.S. efforts.

It will be curious to see how fast the media tries to bury this story or ignore the depravity of these monsters.

UPDATE: More from Lawhawk, Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Ace of Spades, Gateway Pundit, Confederate Yankee.

Meanwhile, some assclown claims I'm a cheerleader for Bush and calls The Surge a "pitiful non-success". Indeed, some people really are that stupid. The Chavez-loving dunce at the same location is calling for impeachment. A truly hopeless case.

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