Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Headline of the Day: Gays Urged to Down Tools for 'Day Without a Gay'

Uh, they might have come up with a better headline than that. Down tools?


It'll just give them something else to be angry about.
Angered by the passage of a law banning same-sex marriage, gay rights activists are urging people to call in "gay" across the United States and skip work on Wednesday.

They also want people to buy nothing, to show off the economic muscle of the gay community, and spend the day doing volunteer work instead.

"Day Without a Gay," modelled after the 2006 immigrants rights protests that swept from California to Texas, is intended to show how important gays and lesbians are to the US economy.

The move is a reaction to California voters' passage of Proposition 8 that bans gay marriage -- which had been legal in the state since June.

Similar propositions also passed November 4 in Florida, Arizona and Arkansas, states where gay marriage was not legal.
This temper tantrum will have zero effect other than to further enrage the out of control, month-long whine-fest. Sure, the slavish media will breathlessly cover it, but it just further alienates the angry gay movement.


Image via the Creative Minority Report.

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