Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Latest In Liberal Mental Illness: Rush Derangement Syndrome

Had your fill of eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome? Welcome to the era of Rush Derangement Syndrome.
President Obama is throwing a bipartisan Super Bowl party Sunday at the White House. But one leading conservative football fan won't be in attendance: Rush Limbaugh. The much-heralded new era of outreach and cooperation in Washington does not extend to the Right's most powerful voice on talk radio. With his explicit attack on Limbaugh during a Capitol Hill meeting last week, Obama has signaled the end of Bush Derangement Syndrome - the defining mental illness of the Democrats for eight years - and ushered in the age of Rush Derangement Syndrome.

You would think that victories in the presidential race and Congress would be enough for the Left. But no. Like Captain Ahab, Sen. Lindsay Graham still bristles at the "loud folks" in conservative talk radio. Democrats even drafted a petition denouncing Limbaugh last week, showing that trying to save the economy doesn't wait for petty personal attacks.

Too bad Obama hasn't learned the lessons of his predecessors. Limbaugh not only has survived countless protests, boycotts, media smears and political attempts to kick him off the airwaves. He has emerged each time with a higher profile, greater influence, and a strengthened hand.
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