Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boston Herald Clown: Tea Partiers Are Like Opponents of Forced Busing or Something

It really doesn't get any dumber than this. In their desperation to label tea partiers racist, these liberals are just throwing the kitchen sink to see if anything sticks. Today some Boston Herald hack named Peter Gelzinis dredges up the bad old days of forced busing in South Boston. Just one little problem there, Petey. Those "racists" from Southie were all card-carrying Ted Kennedy voters.
If the Tea Party movement is not busing revisited, it’s certainly a stepchild and an angry one at that. Is it just a coincidence that 14 months after America’s first black president took office, the loudest, angriest opposition comes from an audience that is overwhelmingly white? Where was the rage when George W. was spending like a drunken sailor?
Um, Pete, there was plenty of rage against spending when Bush was President, in case you didn't notice. Which is why plenty of conservatives stayed home during the 2006 and 2008 elections. Bush was easily the lesser of two evils when it came to facing off against your boy Lerch in 2004. You think he'd have curtailed spending? And Bush looks like a model of fiscal constraint compared to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid spending orgy we're seeing now.

Good grief.
Barack Obama navigated his way into the White House on a mantra of “Change You Can Believe In.” Today on the Common, Sarah Palin will preach the gospel of Change We Don’t Want. The Tea Party patriots will cheer for a return to that monochromatic world, where Ricky, Wally and The Beav had supper served up to them every night by a mother who stayed home to cook and clean in pearls and high heels.
When has Sarah Palin ever preached anything remotely close to this? I know these people fear her, but have they ever even bothered paying attention to what she's saying?

Further demolishing this absurdity is the fact a black Republican served two terms as Seantor from Massachusetts during the period of forced busing. If Republicans are so racist, why did they vote for him?

H/T Spitfire Murphy.

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