Monday, November 08, 2010

'Either Them or Us'

Time to put this cat on a slab.
US-born radical Yemeni cleric Anwar al Awlaki has called for the killing of Americans in a new video message posted yesterday on Islamist websites.

Awlaki said Americans are from the "party of devils" and that no special religious permissions are needed to kill them, the Associated Press reported.

In the 23-minute, Arabic-language message, Awlaki said it was "either them or us."

Speaking in Arabic, Awlaki appears sitting behind a desk with a sheathed dagger in his belt.

The cleric, who was charged last Tuesday in Yemen over alleged ties to al-Qaeda and incitement to kill foreigners, is also wanted in the US on terrorism charges.

Washington linked the young imam and son of a former Yemeni government minister to a shooting rampage last November at a US army base and to the botched Christmas Day 2009 attack on a US airliner.
No need to worry, though, our best and brightest are on the job.
"M. Awlaki is a problem," US Homeland Security and Counterrorism Adviser John Brennan said in January.

"He's clearly a part of al-Qaeda in [the] Arabian Peninsula. He's not just a cleric. He is in fact trying to instigate terrorism."
Trying? Huh? He's already been quite successful at Fort Hood.

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