Sunday, November 07, 2010

Former Obama Assistant Blames Comcast and Fox for Olbermann Suspension

Far left America in crisis: Day 3, and it's getting dumber by the minute.
Susan Crawford, a former special assistant to President Obama for technology policy, sees a potential culprit in MSNBC's decision to suspend anchor Keith Olbermann last week: maybe Comcast had something to do with it. Comcast is in the midst of a merger with NBC Universal, the owner of MSNBC.

Crawford, whose Twitter handle is @scrawford, tweeted on Saturday: "someone should find out whether any comcast connection to olbermann fracas - and remember Quiz Show plot line."

Asked whether she was serious, Crawford confirmed that she was. She has previously raised concern that the merger might give Comcast the ability to tamper with MSNBC, which has a left-leaning reputation, in order to maintain a positive business relationship with Fox, which has a right-leaning reputation.

"What happens to MSNBC post-merger?" she wrote in a blog post last month. "Right now, it’s providing the only response to Fox News. Comcast won’t want to irritate Fox - you can’t be a pay-TV distributor without Fox News, in the same way that you can’t be a pay-TV distributor without ESPN. Fox News is a truck running downhill."
Crawford indeed is spooked by Fox. Naturally, the Kos Kidz dig her.

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