Thursday, November 04, 2010

I Want Sarah Filling Out My NCAA Tournament Brackets

In a lot of the post-election analysis of the midterm elections a sizable amount of attention has been paid to what sort of influence Sarah Palin had on the various races, with stories ranging from not much to you couldn't win without her.

Well, this might be an eye opening story for some, and one which will send even more denizens of Media Matters and DU scurrying to pop some more Prozac or Valium, since they couldn't get marijuana legalized.
"Take Back the 20," Palin's political action committee, targeted 20 congressional districts across the country that John McCain carried in 2008 but had Democratic representatives in Congress.

The results, listed below, are eye-opening. Palin succeeded in 18 of 20 districts, losing in West Virginia's 3rd House District. At this time, the race in Arizona's 8th House District is too close to call.
So while critics try to blame the Tea Party for costing the Republicans the Senate, which was always a long shot to begin with, to saying that anybody who Sarah endorses is probably riding on the crazy train, the results speak for themselves.

Closing thought. Much has been made of the Tea Party success in this election cycle, and while they are not a political party, I would challenge their critics to compare their results with those of, say, the Green Party, or Libertarians or Constitution Party, or any other third party out there. The bottom line is they got results while all the others have is another election cycle where they get to lick their wounds.

Oh yeah, and how many of Obama's endorsed candidates won?

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