Sunday, November 14, 2010

'I Want to Change the World and Help People Solve Problems'

Now this is change I can believe in. She can help solve my problems any time.
Sex sells, but does it get votes? One Polish woman apparently hopes so.

Sara May, a pop singer whose real name is Katarzyna Szczolek, is running for a local office in Poland and hopes sexy photos of her in a bikini will help get her elected.

"I am honest, consistent, ambitious, hardworking and independent," the young singer says of herself on her Polish-language website, "I want to change the world and help people solve problems."

In one ad, she is seen lying on the sand in a bikini, declaring herself to be "beautiful, independent, and competent."

Another is a close-up photo of her holding a small dog, stating she is "honest, sincere and uncompromising."

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