Wednesday, November 03, 2010

'I’m Delighted That the Country Will Not be Plagued by Senators Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, and Probably Joe Miller'

So says the left's favorite (ahem) "conservative," David Brooks, waxing poetic on the elections. The man who admires Obama's pants crease, discusses the blowout with a weepy Gail Collins.
David Brooks: Oh yeah. I’m delighted that the country will not be plagued by Senators Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, and probably Joe Miller in Alaska. In a wave election a candidate has to beat the voters over the head with incompetence to lose, but these folks managed.
Thanks, Dave. Sure, everyone will argue the merits of those candidates, but one thing is sure: It's a safe bet they'd be voting with the GOP a good portion of the time. So nice to know your delicate sensibilities and refined tastes won't have to suffer the plague of these second-class citizens you deride.

If that's not enough, "conservative" Brooks had more reason to celebrate.
I really cared about the Illinois Senate race, where I’m happy to say Mark Kirk won. I also cared about the Colorado Senate race, where I’m happy to say Michael Bennett has a slight lead. I’m also really glad Rob Portman is coming to Washington from your fine home state, and I have to say, I think John Kasich will be a good governor.
Rooting for three out of seven GOP candidates I guess qualifies him as something far worse than candy-assed RINO.

Alas, Dave was saddened last night, as were many fake conservatives, I'm sure.
Feingold was a good, smart senator. I’ll be sorry to see him go, though I would blame Nancy Pelosi for the loss. If you insult public opinion, then the country will take it out on your people.

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