Friday, November 05, 2010

'Imagine How They Were Laughing at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates When They Came Up With Their Own Ideas'

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs will long be remembered for their contributions to business and society. This guy, not so much.
A porn mogul is planning a chain of hotels where guests stay for free - if they allow their sex sessions to be broadcast live on the web.

Swedish businessman Berth Milton Jr says he plans to open 100 of the shocking sex hotels in hotspots around the world.

Milton, the son of the man credited with creating hardcore porn in the 1960s, believes the amateurish sex sessions will be a gold mine.

Although guests will stay for free, he reckons porn lovers will pay to watch members of the public having sex.

'The numbers are astonishing,' insisted Milton, calculating that a single hotel could generate $43.8 million a year in subscription fees from voyeurs watching from computers around the world.

He believes his sex hotels will work because they will be so graphic - and also believes people will look back and see his plans as the start of something massive.

'The important thing is to go all the way - not halfway or a third of the way,' Milton said.

'Imagine how they were laughing at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates when they came up with their own ideas.'

Milton said he has been doing 'field research' at more than a dozen swingers' clubs around Barcelona.

And he believes the success in the hotel will be the opportunity to watch real people having sex - rather than an over-the-top experience more akin to regular porn.

'It has to be a hotel for non-swingers as well - not super-explicit where everybody's running around naked,' Milton said.

'That takes the style and class out of it.'

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