Thursday, November 04, 2010

Important News: Bristol Palin Didn't Vote This Week

I actually saw several stories noting this earth-shattering news yesterday but dismissed it as a non-story. Yet it's apparently so important it's now at the top of CNN's political page. Just remember stories like these when we're reminded that politician's children are off limits.
Politics is serious business, but not all of the time. From the halls of Congress to the campaign trail, there's always something that gets a laugh. Here are some of the things you might have missed.

Bristol Palin, who's currently starring on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," dropped a bombshell to "Inside Edition," saying she didn't send in her absentee ballot to Alaska. Mama Grizzly can't be too happy about that.
The Palins will just never win. If Sarah insisted her daughter voted we'd hear how nasty and domineering she was, and then we'd have analysis of who she voted for. Yet to no surprise a 20-year-old busy dancing on some national show forgot to vote and it's still news (Here's hoping she wins, if only for the months of blog material from Andrew Sullivan and the boys from Media Matters--It's a conspiracy!). Let's ignore the fact that Mama Grizzly supported 43 candidates who won Tuesday and instead focus on her daughter. If Sarah hadn't been such a success, I don't this would be noteworthy.

Did anyone go ask Chelsea Clinton who she voted for this week? Any of the Gore children, the Kerry children, the Edwards children, the McCain children? Not that I'm aware of, although I'm sure Meghan McCain happily divulged it somewhere. Yet for CNN, the fact Bristol Palin failed to vote somehow merits top of the page coverage.

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