Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Oops: Using 'Tea Party' Plants Backfires on Democrats

It was nice to see two sneaky Democrats and their sponsored 'Tea Party' plants go down in flames Tuesday night.

You'll recall incumbent New Jersey Democrat John Adler's campaign was snagged using Peter DeStefano to "confuse conservative voters" in the race against Jon Runyan.

Well, how'd that work out?
In the closest-watched race of the night, Democrat John Adler, a Harvard-educated former state senator whose traditionally Republican district stretches from Camden to the Jersey Shore, lost a tight battle with Republican Jon Runyan, a former tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, 50 percent to 47 percent.

Adler, 51, who won two years ago on President Obama’s coattails, ran this year as a centrist, touting his vote against the new health care reform law, while Runyan, a political newcomer with celebrity status, painted the Democrat as a close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Combine Adler with all the independent candidates in NJ-3 and he still failed to beat Runyan.

Meanwhile, over in Pennsylvania's 7th District, a Democrat candidate for the House had earlier admitted he helped gather signatures for an alleged tea partier that actual tea partiers wanted nothing to do with. This boob did even worse last night.
Republican congressional candidate Patrick Meehan defeated his Democratic challenger, State Rep. Bryan Lentz, by a 10 point margin Tuesday night.

Meehan won 55 percent of the vote to Lentz's 44 percent with more than 96 percent of the voting counted.
Special added bonus: Sestak also lost.

Congratulations to both Runyan and Meehan, as well as the voters in those districts who weren't "confused" by the Democrat dirty tricks.

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