Tuesday, November 02, 2010

'Shhhh! Can You Hear the Tidal Wave Coming to Massachusetts?'

Need any idea how the political tide is shifting? As the writer here says, even in the capitol of Moonbatistan brave souls are showing their support for Republican Sen Bielat as he hope to remove Babbling Barney Frank from office. Outside of seeing Dingy Harry go down tonight, there would be no more sweeter victory than seeing the architect of the Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac debacle sent off into retirement.
Oh my God, could bluer than blue Brookline — the capital of Moonbatistan — be breaking for Republican Sean Bielat?

For 25 years I’ve lived in Brookline, where Republicans admit they’re Republicans at their own risk. Yet I haven’t seen so many lawn signs for a Republican since a few courageous matrons put a “Weld for Governor” placard on their lawn in 1990 and paid the price: social suicide. They were promptly shunned at Whole Foods. Their poor children sat alone in the cafeteria.

It says something huge about Barney Frank’s fall from grace that a few brave Brookline-ites are ready, again, to risk their neighbors’ wrath.

Here’s what I’m seeing: a few dozen small and discreet Bielat signs, mostly in South Brookline on the West Roxbury line, where there’s more diversity. That is, you can actually question Al Gore’s prediction that the Cape will be underwater by 2025 and not be jettisoned from The Great Books Club.

I also see Bielat signage on homes worth $2 million and up. What do rich people care? If no other kids will share a cafeteria seat with their little third-grader, they can ship Muffy and Junior off to private school.

There are almost no Bielat signs around Coolidge Corner, where Bielat lives and apartments and condos dominate. Lots of Brookline condo associations won’t allow political signs. Some wouldn’t even allow American flags to fly on the day after 9/11. I do recall some “Darfur! Not on My Watch” signs outside condos a few years back though, which gives you an idea of what we’re dealing with.

Bielat spokeswoman Lisa Barstow confirmed yesterday why Bielat himself can’t put a sign outside his own condo: his association’s rule. “But they did give him a special dispensation on primary day and for the general election,” she said. Wow. How ecumenical of them.
Mitt Romney stumped for Bielat Monday night.
Shauna O’Connell, a Republican first-time candidate running against state Rep. Jim Fagan (D-Taunton), added: “Shhhh! Can you hear the tidal wave coming to Massachusetts?”

“Sean Bielat is going to go down in history as the man who finally retires Barney Frank,” she said.

A Frank spokesman did not return messages for comment.
Funny how a man who's spent decades talking trash has been awfully quiet of late. A real challenge to your job can do that to a guy.

Massachusetts expect a record turnout today. Let's make it happen, folks. Send a message to Obama by booting his buddy Deval Patrick. The state is one of the few remaining Democrats firewalls. Make it crumble.

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