Thursday, November 11, 2010

TV Critic: Palins 'So White They Make the Bushes Look Like Runaway Slaves'

What is it with all these catty women who suffer from terminal Palin Derangement Syndrome it causes them to say the dumbest things? From the insipid to the obnoxious to the obsessed, to the downright mean, America's female chattering class of the left just cannot stand the women they clearly fear as a threat.

Now we can add smarmy New York Post television critic Linda Stasi, a woman whose intellectual train of thought vanished somewhere around 1975, someone who last year called Joy Behar's HNN show the smartest new talk show of the TV season. Yes, really.

So naturally Stasi got a look at Sarah Palin's new show on TLC and offers us a unique perspective on the woman the women love to hate. Unique, that is, if you haven't heard these cracks 5000 times already.
She climbs rocks, fishes, performs dangerous feats, communes with bears, bakes cookies for her five kids and talks about patriotism -- all without mussing one hair of her giant bouffant.
Looking at this accompanying photo, is it me or is Palin sporting a giant bouffant?

Then there's a cheap shot at people who dare to have more kids than those living in big cities. The nerve of these unbred inbreeds.
While Discovery, which is devoted to saving wildlife, may regret giving a show to an avowed hunter, Palin's show works perfectly for their TLC channel. After all, TLC has become the channel singularly devoted to awarding reality shows to anyone who procreates at twice the national average.
Then this witticism:
The show itself works for her in that it lets us get comfortable around her exceptionally good-looking husband Todd, upon whom she is clearly very dependent, and her five equally gorgeous children. And despite being so white they make the Bushes look like runaway slaves when they say things to each other like "golly" and "you betcha," they are still somehow relatable.
Where do you begin with this? She's clearly dependent on Todd? Gee, why would this be? Uh, maybe the fact they have five kids and juggle and obviously busy schedule they've grown to be dependent on each other? That's bad enough, but what the heck is it supposed to mean they're so white they make the Bushes look like runaway slaves? I guess the fact Todd Palin has Native blood in him doesn't diminish his glaring whiteness.

Now what better way to cap off this impartial review than to add further fresh insight into Sarah Palin, that supposedly she's some hapless dunce stumbling through life.
If you're not sure how you feel about Palin, she comes across as personable, somewhat clueless and willing to do anything to boost her image -- including climbing a glacier, even though she's afraid of heights and is terrified during the experience.

She even makes fun of herself: "You can see Russia from here -- almost!" she quips.
If you're looking for even-handed reviews of Palin's show, don't go here, either.

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