Friday, February 04, 2011

Exhibit #3,876,923 From the Liberals' Civility Memo

I tell you what, that whole argument about civility returning to the political debate in this country is really taking off.
The "Mercury Players Theatre production is about liberal college students who invite some incredibly conservative guests to dinner and then kill them.
This is coming from that wonderful winterland of liberal compassion, Madison, Wisconsin. For those not familiar with Madison, it is like the San Francisco of the Frozen Tundra. You know the same sort of mindset where you are free to say and think anything anything you wish as long as it fits the progressive narrative; otherwise, they have ways of dealing with you. I think it was Ace who pointed out that this is real similar to attitudes in the Middle East where polls say 90% of the people support freedom of religion while at the same time 84% support the execution who anyone who renounces Islam.

It has gotten mundane now to keep pointing out how the left preaches one thing while their actions give proof of their real intentions. They, of course, are given a pass since being a hypocrite, while listed as one of the Seven Deadly Sins for conservatives, is a resume enhancer for liberals.
Funny, offensive, or both? The creative minds behind the Mercury Players Theatre said that they hope that people on all sides of the debate keep talking. Without succumbing to the violence portrayed in "The Last Supper."

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skeneogden said...

The left was fine with free speech as as it helped them to take over government and education over the past few decades.  Now that that is a fais accompli they wish to stifle speech that doesn't support their agenda.