Sunday, February 06, 2011

'The Irony of an Organisation Dedicated to the Free and Open Flow of Information Threatening to Sue a Newspaper Will be Lost on No One'

Girly man Julian Assange freely distributes anything and everything related to secret cables and diplomatic communications, but don't dare mention him without his authorization or he'll sue.
WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange on Sunday threatened to sue The Guardian over a book its journalists have written about his whistleblowing website.

The book — “WikiLeaks : Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy” by David Leigh and Luke Harding — being publicised as the “first full-scale biography'' of Mr. Assange and the “WikiLeaks phenomenon'' is said to be not wholly flattering to him.

Besides revealing details about his personal life, it is reported to be critical of his robust style and his alleged tendency to be a “control freak''. “This book will bring you as close to the unvarnished truth as you're likely to get,” said Mr. Leigh who played a key role in forging the deal that allowed The Guardian to publish cables.

Alleging that the book contained “malicious libels'', Mr. Assange's website said it would be taking legal action.
ANd these are his friends. Or were. They were useful in getting out the information Assange wanted out. Apparently, however, the delicate thing's private life is off limits.

“The irony of an organisation dedicated to the free and open flow of information threatening to sue a newspaper will be lost on no one.'' The Guardian was one of a select group of international publications Mr. Assange worked with to release American documents but he fell out with the newspaper after it published leaked Swedish police papers relating to allegations of sexual assault brought against him by two women.
Meanwhile, his stepdaddy is concerned about a possible extradition to face rape charges.
"He's been nominated for a Nobel Prize so how could he be a criminal?
Yasser Arafat was unavailable for comment.

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