Monday, February 07, 2011

Leftwing Hack Attack

Who knew an innocuous post on Christina Aguilera's mangling of the National Anthem last night would draw such snide commentary from the odious hack pictured above? I so happened to notice there was a link at the bottom of the original post.
I gather Christina Aguilera word-salad'd the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner, upsetting the delicate sensibilities of all patriots, especially the only true patriots, conservative bloggers.
Good thing he doesn't rely on traffic for a living or he might go hungry, although judging by his immense girth I doubt that's ever happened. Anyway, since criticism of Aguilera swept the nation since last night, it's unclear how the justified uproar has anything to do with patriotism.
I feel that in the future only American singers should be asked to screech the Anthem at the Super Bowl, for only they, as Americans, have earned the birthright and privilege to screw up those lyrics, as Francis Scott Key and Jimi Hendrix's burning guitar intended.
Far be it from me to question Key or Hendrix. In fact, I find the rendition performed by Hendrix to be one of the few acceptable variations. But what's this about only Americans being allowed to sing the anthem? Who implied anything like that? Nobody much cares about your ethnicity when singing the anthem. Just try not to mess up the lyrics and sing it as it was intended. Chances are better you won't destroy a song meant to be sung in 75 seconds rather than screeching for twice as long.

One wonders if this slob even realizes Aguilera is very much an American. Who was born on Staten Island. Then again, one might not expect a college dropout like Wolcott to be too bright. Haven't heard much from Wolcott since he called Juan Williams an Uncle Tom. Wolcott's one of a dying breed of the true racists, liberal bloggers.


uncledan said...

Best not to attack him for his looks, etc. Best to hammer him with questions like - Hey! defend this, you clueless Liberal:
26 months of Obama has given us record deficits, record unemployment, longest jobless stretch since the 1930's, record bank failures, record foreclosures, record trade deficits, record poverty rate, failing dollar, national poverty at record highest level, foreign policy disasters, record number of golf games played by a president, record death toll in Afghanistan, record number of food stamp recipients, consumer confidence at record lows, home values have fallen to Depression levels, record number of days spent abroad by a US President, over half the states suing to stop Obamacare,
You get the picture.

Shambhala666 said...

This is exactly how I would expect a miserable little lefty would look like.
Stupid toad.