Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mark Levin: GOP Needs to Start Thinking About a Government Shutdown

I'm game.

Levin is on to something here. If President Obama refuses to even contemplate trimming $60 billion from his preposterous $3.73 trillion budget - a measly 1.6% - then he is basically daring the GOP to shut down the government.

They should not hesitate to do it, if necessary.

Because the Republicans have to know that they simply cannot sign off on anything close to this budget and expect to retain credibility with voters.

Of course, Obama's credibility on fiscal matters fell into tatters immediately after he was sworn in. But that doesn't matter nearly as much as it should, because the media doesn't harp on that. Obama understands this, so he just plows ahead with blatantly incoherent platitudes about how the federal government needs to "stop running up the credit card" - even as he proposes a budget that adds $26.3 trillion in shiny, brand-new debt over the next ten years. He knows reporters will basically transcribe this inanity without much skepticism.

Media firewall notwithstanding, Obama is plainly an unserious President, at best. At worst, he is intentionally undermining the system. And what's the difference? Either way, the country is doomed unless we can figure out a way to A) toss Obama and a good number of his minions in Congress out on their cans in 2012, and B) replace them with principled, politically courageous conservatives.

Thanks to The Right Scoop for the clip.


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Rose said...

Shutting down the Govt???  Brilliant stroke of genius.

Finally! Something out of DC we would be able to live with.