Friday, February 11, 2011

Russian Men Now So Useless That Babes in Miniskirts are Left to Shovel Snow

I guess St. Petersburg must be run by some relative of Michael Bloomburg's. They're apparently so incompetent over there these poor women are forced to shovel snow to set an example.
In Russia, The x-Z movement uses beautiful women to draw attention to social problems. Now, they're focusing their charm on the problems St Petersburg is facing because of heavy snow.

A group of mini-skirted, high-heeled young women gathered in the city centre with snow shovels on Thursday. They demanded that city authorities take the clean-up of snow and ice seriously.

The group's spokeswoman, Eva Tornado, also claimed that tourism experts say foreign visitors avoid St. Petersburg in the winter because of the city's inability to deal with its snow and ice.

"We have experienced this snow since last November. The (city) administration, the municipal services management companies and others do nothing to solve the problem. You see, we are still in snow.... So we decided to come out on our own. Maybe it will serve as an example to some males and they may come to help and make our city cleaner," added Tornado.
They keep showing up in skimpy outfits and they shouldn't have a problem attracting the men.


srdem65 said...

Whatever happened to the army of old women wearing babuskas and sweeping away the snow in Moscow?
Younger women wearing helmets seem to be an improvement over the old way.

CoquimboJoe said...

Babes in miniskirts, is there anything they can't do?

Michael Ryan said...

That army of old women was made up of the widows of WW II soldiers.  The war ended 65 years ago. I'm sure you can figure the rest.