Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stupid: Obama a 'Soulmate' to Egyptian Protesters or Something

The guy had nothing to do with the Egyptian uprising, but it appears the pom-pom media is more than eager to give him all the credit.
Republicans struggled with a pesky intramural squabble Friday over budget cuts as President Obama celebrated the remarkable rise of democracy in Egypt.

Guess who looks better today?

After a shaky beginning, Obama and his foreign policy handlers seem to have gotten this crisis right. Hosni Mubarak and his repressive baggage are gone, but America's relationship with a critical Mideast ally and partner in the war on global terror remains intact.

Moreover, Obama has positioned himself as a soulmate for the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Egyptians who stormed the Arab country's streets in peaceful protest instead of another American leader playing ball with an aging autocrat.
I surmise if the GOP stuck their nose into foreign policy here they'd be widely rebuked. So instead they went about their business of those silly budget cuts. How dare they do their jobs. Obama, meanwhile, had no clue what to do for three weeks and found out Mubarak left office while he was watching television. Yet he's a soulmate to the protesters? How ridiculous.
"They got off to a slow and cautious start," a prominent foreign policy expert told the Daily News, "but they ended up on the right side of history."
Obama was suddenly camera-shy Thursday night following Mubaraks' defiant final speech, but he played this all just right.

Really, can the slobbering get any worse?

Well, yes, it can.


rich b said...

Obama a "soulmate"? Did chrissie matthews come up with that one? Once again Omama reminds me of a line about the Weathermen in the Bob Dylan song "Subterranian Homesick Blues" - Omama just sticks his hand up to "see which way the wind blows" and then he forms an opinion and tries to take some credit like the parasitic leech he really is.

It's stunning how stupid and easily fooled the LSM is and the lengths they'll go to kiss Omama's ass. Soulmate my ass!

the wolf said...

So when this so-called democracy movement goes extremely bad and the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over the government, this will be Obama's fault, right?

FrankG said...

the sun rose in the east. You know who to thank, right?

stonemason said...

Spot on. Screen grab this.